Good Day RVA is a DIY collective of filmmakers and artists dedicated to artfully showcasing Richmond’s diverse music scene and creative community, as well as the cultural history and beauty of the city itself. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

We believe that through our projects we can reveal – both to local citizens and the world at large – the city as a growing cultural center, while simultaneously creating a living archive of Richmond’s current renaissance.

Good Day RVA’s central project has been the RVA Live music video series. These are original and exploratory films that spotlight local musicians and pair them with a location that matches their aesthetic and sound. By incorporating unique elements such as story narratives and Super 8 film to cinematically capture a location, the resulting film becomes part music video and part documentation. The videos act as visual representation of how the musicians’ aesthetics have grown out of the city. We create these videos at no cost to the musicians or the public to actively promote local music and our city.

Good Day RVA’s mission has grown to encompass community events like art and music festivals, social justice and environmental causes, and promotional work for local community organizations. These efforts have helped cultivate relationships within the local creative community, fostering an inclusive environment of mutual support and collaboration.

Good Day RVA began in 2012 and our family grows with each project as we constantly search for new ways to collaborate with passionate people on innovative ideas. It exists for the benefit of the musicians, artists, the city, and the public. We care about our community. These projects are for all of us.

Founded by Chris Damon, Evan Hoffman, Will Weaver, & Matt Cowan